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New York

We walk along the quiet western side of the island with a beautiful view of Manhattan. We pass the ruins of the smallpox hospital  (designed by James Renwick in 1856) and continue to the Roosevelt monument  by architect Louis Kahn. Kahn designed the monument between 1972 and 1974, but it was not completed until 2012. It consists of a lawn lined with linden trees and a half-height wall with a bust of the president at the end. Behind the bust stand  the four freedoms that Roosevelt postulated in 1941 in his 8th State of the Union are chisseled: freedom of speech and worship, freedom from fear and want. These four freedoms were the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , which was adopted by the UN in 1948. From here we have a nice view of the United Nations headquarters. We walk back to the cable car station

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We meet our guide Emil in front of the Lutheran cathedral. He is very enthusiastic and talks nineteen to the dozen. First about the history of the country and then on the architecture of the Senate Square. All that we see here was built in the 19th century under Russian rule (1809-1917).   The cathedral from 1852 is Lutheran and as many grand buildings in the city centre, designed by the originally Prussian architect Carl Ludvig Engel (1778-1840). From outside the cathedral is impressive above the square beyond an enormous staircase. read more

Corsica and Sardinia

We continue for a tour around Cap Corse, the northern peninsula of Corsica. We drive clockwise and thus on the mountain side of the coastal road. The road winds along the mountain walls and are speed is low. Fifty years ago most villageson the Cap Corse could only be reached by sea. After an hour we get to Nonza. A small village with a church and a castle ruin, from where we have a nice view of the rugged coast.
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National Fireworks 2016

Discover Rotterdam

with an enthusiastic Rotterdam private tour guide

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