Would you like to get to know Rotterdam, then these pages are all you need. How? First you read a bit and then you hit the road. On these pages you'll find an itenarary for a walk through the centre of Rotterdam, photos and background information plus links to sites on Rotterdam organisations, attraction points and events. This year more than ever as Rotterdam ranks #5 on travel guide Lonely Planet's city top10 and #10 on 52 Places to go by The New York Times


49th International Filmfestival Rotterdam

22 January through 2nd February Rotterdam is host to the 49th International Filmfestival Rotterdam. Over 300,000 film fans and 2,400 film professionals converge on Rotterdam to enjoy one of the biggest filmfestivals in the world. Over 500 movies from over 50 countries are screened during 10 days. Some of them have their world premiere here. 



The best way for getting to know a city is to explore it on foot. This is true for Rotterdam as well. Walking through the city you get a feel for the diversity of the place and you get a picture of how the city has developed over the centuries. I have developed a self guided walk through the centre of Rotterdam (and a little beyond), that will give a thorough first impression of the city.  The walk guide book is available from bookshops and can be ordered online

Guided Tours

Do you prefer a guided tour? Go to RO Tours. They offer a wide range of (themed) walks and tours with knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides


 Hotel Accommodation

Looking for a hotel room in Rotterdam? On this web site hotels of various grades of luxury and price levels are featured. You can book most of them through this site against favourable rates negotiated by Bookings.com. More

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