Walks in Paris

From time to time we spend some time in Paris. The French capital is always on our list of favourite travel destinations.  We have done all the popular tourist hot spots some time ago. In more recent years we spend our time in Paris doing interesting walks through lesser known parts of the city. On these pages you will find our accounts of these walks and our impressions accompanied with photos of what have seen.  Click for Paris, France Forecast
Paris à Pied Similar to the long distance walks in France  (Grands Randonées) there are two so called Traversees de Paris. One from West to East  (Traversee no.1, 19km) and one from North to South  (Traversee no.2, 20km). ON top of that there are a number of walks in the Bois de Boulogne and in the Bois de Vincennes.Read on
In the footsteps of  Amélie Poulain
De French blockbuster movie "Amélie" lets us get acquainted with a part of Montmartre off the beaten track.. We follow the footsteps of the movie's heroin  along the locations used in the movie.read on cover
Exploring the passages of Paris The 19th century passages of Paris let you in on an other world. Most of them are oasis of quiet in the midst of a hurried metropolis, where you find shop you would thought were long gone.
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